Monday, March 31, 2014

rooftops and roller skating

 Why.. you ask Rooftops?
 Some of you may wonder from  where some of my concepts originate.Here is my attempt at explaining myself..a little!. I had been immersed in creating works for a show which I felt under pressure to assemble for this March. In the midst of my scramble I learned that the show was not to occur for two more years ! I was both relieved and deflated. ! From this knowledge came a hybrid merging of some of my ideas for the show (highlighting lost historical buildings locally with their own invented characters/story) -with lovely women perched on rooftops of some of these same buildings..Oh yes and a roller skater or two for good measure! Why not have a bit of fun and play with the theme-as  I was getting far too serious about it..and now had been given the gift of time! 

As for the roller skating..Those who know me a little better will be in the loop -as I have taken on the personal challenge of Roller Derby this winter at the age of 57. 

I just completed my minimum skating skills test and although still have a way to go with the practical (Ie skating 27 laps in 5 minutes ..I can alas master 19 at present!) I am thrilled that I can belong to such a dynamic and friendly group of women and work on my athletic side in such a fun and supportive fashion. I am feeling more in control of my body and balance and attitude to life is definitely on the upswing ..Who would think? :-) 

So it seems life's pleasures and trials find a way into my creative process whether I am intentional about it or not!


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

When will it all end

March has come in like a lion..I feel like I am being boring to whine about it all yet even with it's at times pristine beauty the winter has overstayed it's welcome. I hear a few stray birds feebly trying to call out for a warmer day. This winter has brought much distress to people ever where..and our little issues such as animal habitats which are starting to unravel in the ice and extreme temperatures seem trivial compared to people who cannot afford to continuously heat their homes.

                                                Yet I am hopeful. Spring always comes.

                              I am trying to use a more cheerful palette to encourage Spring!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ohh Winter!
Just when I thought we had enough of sub polar  like temperatures,unforgiving mean minded winds and snow drifts up to my eyeballs.. Today I am home yet again sheltered from those winds.That is until  I wrestle with the doors of the outdoor animal sheds and climb through thigh deep snow drifts to feed the pots, chickens and goats and unfreeze their water ..What I do for love ! :-)