Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Valentine Sale for Lovers of Art!

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Monday, January 5, 2015

snow days lead to creative frenzy!

Well that is the hope anyway..Although  I do admit that staying put fosters an appreciation for simple soul nourishing moments ..and slows the tempo down re obligatory things to saying that today I made an awesome two pot vegetarian shepherds pie ..Sorted my errant leggings, tights and stockings into a few small vintage suitcases and drank copious amounts of tea with yummy local honey..

I am planning to enter a local gallery's  call for artists for a Mexican themed show..just because I am yearning for colour again..yes ..already! Frida Kahlo is my subject and I am trying to expand my palette with her as my muse.

  I also altered and embellished a Frida Cage doll made as  my working subject for an online class ..She was looking under dressed and fragile I changed that with beads lace and a new plant stand bottom!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Lighten your dark December days with art

 It's been a busy bustling month and I will be happy to have a few reflective,quiet days to appreciate the season . I always question why (even after paring down social and familial and commercial expectations considerably) I tend to be swept up in seasonal fever and fervor. i do not make a huge meal..or entertain guests yet still there is an old nagging obligation/guilt/worry genie in my bottle about how I met my own version of what Christmas is supposed to mean. Losing my dad this past year has heightened my awareness of the finite quality of life and the beginning and end of traditions. I hold on fast to a hand made stocking fashioned for my daughter some 22 years ago and fill it yearly. The glue gunned letters have started to peel -and it's far too large to hold a couple of small items so I continue to fill it with sometimes silly and useless things. My low level  of consumerism is hyped up a few notches in this season and that brings feelings of discomfort too. The best parts.. a simple dinner of fresh vegetables and fish .. Laughing with my small family -watching One Magic Christmas together..Precious Time chatting with my daughter ..Low lights and candles..snuggling with our dogs and cats -appreciating the quiet and stillness .
I strive to do this differently every year.
I wish you joy and happiness in this next year and a sincere appreciation for the simple things that make us compassionate,humble and human.
 Also find a corner  to create,make art of any kind..and  a big hug for that special person,family,end or furry friend in your life.

making time for the playful side of me...

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